Stymied is a block fitting puzzle game designed by warwick blent

It comprises between 4 and 18 shapes. To play the game drag, rotate all your block pieces into place and cover every grid space to pass a level




200 unique puzzles

4 beautiful blockified worlds

8 difficulty stages

Up to 18 quirky shapes.


A brief history of Stymied


2003        Stymied is a spin off from a matrix mat set that I was designing in the field of mathematics. I started using some of the shapes whilst teaching lines of symmetry.


2008        I had the idea of marketing the product as a board game called

B-cubed but never got past the prototype stage

But I did get to create hundreds of 2D and 3D puzzles.


2014         Stymied was released as an app however the developers folded and I left to pursue another career so it just lay motionless for 6 years.


2020         And now here we are again releasing it as an app…some 17 years after my initial idea. Its bigger brighter and quirkier



Released July 5th 2020